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Rosedale MXD

Rosedale | A Hopkins Brothers LP&D Development | Lychburg, VA

Every generation or so, a city with expanding demographics and upward trends will spawn a showcase development that is Upscale and Innovative.

Over the past 50 years, Lynchburg has created two of these showcase developments, Pittman Plaza in the 60s and River Ridge Mall in the 80s. In their prime, each was considered centrally located and representative of the changing development trends sweeping the country.  In their prime, each was the “toast of the town”.

Today, the innovative development trend sweeping the country is the Mixed-use Development model (MXD).  These developments offer a mix of upscale amenities such as professional office space, luxury condos and townhomes, specialty shopping and dining, open lawns, attractive walkways and pedestrian oriented corridors.  Commonly encompassing 100+ acres, modern MXDs are designed to create a live-work-play atmosphere, one that enhances connectivity to sunlight, nature and exercise.

The Rosedale MXD location, on Graves Mill Road, has a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War.  This property was once known to be a prominent center for area commerce, we hope it will be revived as an economic hub of Central Virginia again.

The Rosedale MXD is designed to attract quality businesses and jobs to our local economy.



A Cutting Edge Live, Work, Play Environment

Rosedale is a proposed 70 acre mixed-use development located on Graves Mill Road. The site is currently a partially wooded farm tract with historic structures dating back to the 1760’s. The concept for Rosedale incorporates the modern trends of mixed-use developments that will be attractive to families, young professionals, students, older residents, and businesses that are expanding or considering relocating to the Region 2000 area. The development’s residential, commercial, business, and recreational areas will be connected by a shared lawn and attractive, pedestrian-oriented streets, corridors, and walkways.

Hopkins Brothers believes that the Rosedale MXD has the potential to attract quality businesses and jobs to the Lynchburg and the Region 2000 area, for many years to come, through the establishment of a modern and upscale business and technology center.


The proposed commercial area is design to offer amenities such as restaurants, a hotel, retail, grocery, gas, and convenience sites. These amenities will enhance the quality of life for residents, business owners, employees and the community.

Creekside Recreational Area & The Lawn

The proposed lawn and creekside recreational area offer shared open spaces, bike trails, and lawn-side commercial establishments that create the social hub of the development.

Business & Technology Center

The proposed business and technology center is designed to establish Rosedale’s identity as a Region 2000 premium location for professional and corporate office space.


Upscale Townhomes & Condominiums, along with Mixed-Use Residential Apartments are designed to meet the demands of an increasingly diverse housing market and provide convenient access to public transit, employment opportunities, and quality schools.

Site Map

2018 Proposed Site Plan


Graves Mill Road • Lynchburg, Va 24502

Developer News

Lynchburg has changed more than you think . . .

Downtown retail gave way to Pittman Plaza.
The Plaza gave way to River Ridge Mall.
The Mall gave way to Wards Road and the Liberty University District.
Downtown successfully reinvented itself as The Downtown Historic District.

. . . and the beat goes on.

. . . Lynchburg’s new center of upscale business development is shifting west to incorporate the dynamic growth of nearby Forest, Virginia’s residential and business community.

Just as Short Pump has been dynamic for Richmond’s west side development and the Boars Head Inn district has been for Charlottesville, so too will Bella Rose Plantation and the mixed use Rosedale MXD project be for Lynchburg.

The Rosedale MXD is designed to be a live-work-play atmosphere, offering easy walking access to restaurants, a hotel and conference center, meeting facilities, town homes and condo residences. This project is poised to become the Region 2000’s premier “magnet district” for Upscale business and professional office space.

The Golden Mile at Rosedale, where legacy planning and development become Lynchburg’s business development standard.

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