Rosedale MDX | Lychburg, VA

Two intersections in the path of our North 501 Expressway are causing really big traffic jams in the vicinity of the Fresh Market Station strip center. If we don’t address these traffic jams before we develop away any more of the land VDOT set aside for solving these problems they are sure to get a whole lot worse.

Our View

The bursting open of a whole new economic development district in Lynchburg is underway and from the looks of things so far it’s not getting the benefit of much long term planning.
Rosedale MDX | Lychburg, VAQuality economic development begins on a foundation of carefully planned and vetted infrastructure. Our view is that road designs, like the ones that we have learned were recently presented to VDOT for changes to the north end Lynchburg Expressway in the vicinity of the Fresh Market, deserve the same process of review through the Planning Commission, public forums and City Council as those projects proposed by private developers. Maybe even more considering their long term impact.
The ‘North 501 Express District’ is considered by many to be the most promising economic development opportunity that exists inside Lynchburg’s city limits. If we Rosedale MDX | Lychburg, VAcultivate this opportunity it will generate thousands of new jobs and attract new businesses, hotels, event space, retail outlets, upscale restaurants, boutique shops and more into our community. On the other hand, we can sit back (like we seem to be doing now) and let what should be our premier next generation showcase of Region 2000 economic development just grow like a patchwork of weeds and accept what it turns into over time.

Let’s get the infrastructure design for the North 501 Express District ‘right’. Let’s give this huge economic development opportunity all the benefits of due process that make for quality results!

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