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At Hopkins Brothers LP&D we believe the next really big thing for Lynchburg is the development of a Business & Technology Corridor that runs from Graves Mill Road, across the ridge behind Home Depot and over to Breezewood Drive. We mean really big, in the same way the Lynchburg Expressway and Pittman Plaza were to Lynchburg in the ’60s, River Ridge Mall was in the ’80s, Liberty University and Historic Downtown Lynchburg are today.

Private Funding of Lynchburg Business & Technology Corridor
Author: Dick Schoew
Owner/Broker at Hopkins Brothers LP&D
September 7, 2014

Now almost three years from its inception, with site clearing preparations underway and another 100,000+ sqft of professional office space pending application for zoning approval, Rosedale MXD holds the unique promise in the Lynchburg market of laying the foundation for tens of millions of dollars of investment in new upscale, commercial, restaurant, retail and residential space in the Lynchburg city limits. The bottom line objective of this project is to attract more upscale job opportunities and offer more upscale residential, retail and restaurant opportunities in Region 2000.

Phase 1 Job Creation

Projections for Rosedale MXD Phase-1

Going back to the spring of 2012, Hopkins Brothers LP&D and Lynchburg City Staff have exchanged ideas and ultimately formulated a rough draft proposal for meeting the challenges of accelerating the availability of traditionally city funded infrastructure through a revenue sharing agreement with private equity investors. The baseline for these discussions has always been that the City of Lynchburg would not be required to make any up front investment nor take on any new debt.

The time has come for these discussions to be opened up for consideration by the Economic Development Authority Board, Lynchburg City Council and the public at large.

What are your thoughts?
Do you feel it is appropriate for City Government to take a special interest in supporting private sector efforts that are deemed to be of a unique strategic interest to Lynchburg’s future economic development?
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